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South  Africa's dependence on oil and coal as the primary source of energy is surely a cause for concern.America's cowboy engagement in the middle east shows no signs of
ending soon with dire consequences for world oil prices
and energy costs to developing countries like ours.Add
to that the upsurge of demand from the Asian economies
and any likelyhood of lower oil prices soon, evaporates.
Coal which is a non renewable resource and has a limited supply is not being treated as a  strategic energy resource and instead is being touted as a forex earner
and a large employment provider.Both of which are true.
Not forgetting the supporting infrastructure that thrives off the coal mining industry.What consequences shall such an approach bring upon us in the future ?
Necessity is the mother of all invention and in South Africa
`n Boer maak a plan -maar almal saam, maak ons MAGIC.

It is with that spirit that we approach this subject.We would like to focus on two energy sources as regular features in
SPARKS. Solar energy and Bio energy.
Solar energy for most household needs and Bio-fuel as an
alternative for petrol and diesel. Introductory articles of
two A4 pages are required.Practical projects on harnessing
energy are called for as well.Projects on more efficient ways of using popular energy sources eg. lp gas and paraffin are also required.Articles on other sources of energy eg.fuel cell technology,wind energy,natural gas etc.are also most welcome.
Adjustments for space in the magazine can be made if necessary   from time to time.A repository for articles and projects is planned for our website.So learners,students,
teachers,hobbyists and tinkerers dust off your projects in the garage and post them on to our website and let the debates and discussions begin.
Longterm we would like this web page to become the "Alternative" site and provide alternatives for a host of subjects.Alternative ways to draw water,grow vegetables,build a house,transport kids to school,teach maths,science, geography,chemistry,biology and technology,farm fish etc.
Subjects posted on our website will from time to time be featured in
Volunteers are required to initiate and maintain the "Alternative Energy" web page and forums and actively
promote and help establish science,electronics and computer clubs at local schools in line with our mission and ethos

'educate facilitate empower'. LEARN & TEACH .
We would also like to promote the establishment of businesses,formal and informal around the "Alternative Energy" industry,thus creating employment opportunities
and lessening our dependence on conventional energy sources.
alternative energy
power generation