ABOUT US  
Sparks is a very small technology and electronics initiative based in Middelburg,
Mpumalanga where 'volunteers' with specific skills are coerced,threatened or
clubbed on the head to give us some of their time and perhaps an article or two
on any subject related to technology or electronics on an if and when possible
basis,hence our very slow development.
                                        THE NEED OF THE HOUR
For any initiative to succeed requires consistency,innovative ideas and a dedicated pool
of volunteers which in a small town such as ours is in rather short supply,but as everyone
knows, we plaasjappies are stubborn and tenacious and we will soldier on.We are certainly
not vain and therefore call upon anyone and everyone who has a passion for things 'techno'
to submit material on any subject related to technology.Subjects are not confined to those
mentioned elsewhere on our website although we would like to begin with those subjects
mentioned.One does not have to be a "guru" on a subject to contribute an article.

People with interesting hobbies  are also urged to submit articles.Hobbies like
model trains and steam trains,remote control aircraft,boats,cars,rockets,robotics, 
astronomy,photography etc..The articles and projects should introduce the hobby
to learners and gradually expand the subject using as many practical projects as possible.

People with interesting careers are also required to submit articles.We wish to move away
slightly from the more traditional brochures and manuals on careers.For example, mechanical
engineers may study more or less the same subjects at university or technikon,but at the
workplace they maybe  involved in totally different projects.We need to get the inside
story on their careers and projects,the why's and how's.So if you a cellphone technician,an aeronautical engineer,a plumber or a farmer ,we want to hear from you.

With the stories of your careers, we would greatly appreciate an explanation on what part
maths or science or biology or accounting etc.  play in your careers.There is a very strong
tendency among learners to believe that these subjects do not have a relevance to the working
world."why should i do maths if im gonna be a plumber ?", "why should i do maths if im gonna
be a cellphone technician?"We need to practically demonstrate to learners the connection
these subjects have to the real world and their implementation.

Once again,we take this opportunity to extend an invitation to one and all,learners,parents,
hobbyists and interested people to join our project and assist in any manner possible,
so that we can extend our project to every school in our town,province and country.